PL in Austin

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Ocell, Alina, and Spoon in Austin, TX.

Welcome to Austin

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Ocell and Spoon recently hung out in Austin. Below are links to some of the places they went. If you are ever in Austin use this as a bit of a guide, if you’re looking to live the prototype life.

Like a Series…

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[As we join Spoon and Ocell, they are discussing the current $6 16×20″ print sale at]
Moncler outlet
Spoon: 6 prints.. 36 bucks
Spoon: awesome house warming gift
Ocell: haha, hint hint
Spoon: u pick the photos
Ocell: you don’t want to pick the photos?
Spoon: nah
Spoon: its not a gift then Christopher
Spoon: jeez
Spoon: where is your romantic side
Spoon: I’ve got a spot in my “study” … formal sitting room, I’m gonna sit some chairs… vinyl records and stuff in
Spoon: put 6 framed prints up.. would look awesome
Ocell: alright
Ocell: well tell me what feel you want
Spoon: ummmmmm..
Spoon: i guess.. something industrial.. or mabye city/ music
Ocell: ok
Spoon: black and white is easy
Ocell: I’m just trying to find 6 cat pictures that are different enough
Spoon: hahahahaha
Ocell: oh, or maybe they should all be almost the same, like a series
Spoon: ahahahaha
Spoon: ahahahahahaha
Spoon: hahhaa


[Also, new podcast soon.]

Equipped for Battle

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A craftsmen is only as good as his tools. Ocell and Spoon recently obtained a tool that is essential to achieve the recording excellence they strive to achieve. Things are coming together fast. You guys be patient. It will be well worth it.

Site Changes

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We are working on forging this site theme into something of our own. Hopefully we will have a pretty solid design implemented by the end of this weekend.

Twitter is Live

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Hey guys. @ocell and @krdzn here. Keep an eye on this account.
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