Prototype Life Episode 6 Part 1 – Mr. Goodbar

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Ocell and Spoon talk about Movie Reboots, Documentary, Mocumentaries and pitch a film premise. Part II will be posted soon. Enjoy!

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Seeking Justice:
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Prototype Life Episode 5 Part 2 – I Hope We Haven’t Met with Ashley Vercoe

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Ocell and Spoon pick up right were they left off in an invigorating discussion with the lovely Ashley Vercoe (@eavercoe), their first guest. If you didn’t hear part I of episode 5, “One Stop Barbershop”, make sure you go check it out first. If you are looking to spoil your dinner and eat your dessert first, go right ahead, we brought enough cake for every one.
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Prototype Life: Episode 5 Part 1 – One Stop Barbershop with Ashley Vercoe

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Prototype life has their first guest, Ashley Vercoe. A long time friend of  Spoon and Ocell, Ashley is a designer living in Richmond, Virginia. Follow her here @eavercoe. Ocell talks about his product beefs, Ash talks about life in VA,  and the whole gang talks about their haircut experiences. Part II will be posted shortly, so stay tuned people.

Thanks again to Matthew Head for editing the episode and providing the music.

Prototype Life: Episode 4 – Cribs, Cash, Cars, Cruises

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Episode Notes:

12th Planet isn’t from New Zealand, they’re from LA. Truth is from New Zealand, and that’s who Chris was actually trying to talk about.


Lending Club:
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Chris’s rallycross photos:

As always, thanks to Matt Head Productions for editing this episode.


Listen here:

Prototype Life: Episode 3 – Itsy Bitsy

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What do the images above have to do with one another? I have no idea, but there may be context clues in Episode 3 – Itsy Bitsy.

Check out FoodWeChew at

Turntable is at

As always, huge thanks to Matthew Head at for technical and editing assistance.


Some big news, you can now subscribe to Prototype Life in the iTunes podcast directory. We still have some kinks to work out, but the audio is there, waiting for you. –

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Prototype Life: Episode 2 – Van Special

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Want proof of how nerdy Spoon (Korry) and Ocell (Chris) are? Look no further than Episode 2 – Van Special. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
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Today’s post was recorded a few months ago, some some of the content is a bit dated. Think of it as a time machine.

Thanks again to Matthew Head for editing the episode and provided the music.

Prototype Life: Episode 1 Part 2

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Episode 1 Part 2 of Prototype Life.
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The second half to the first episode is here for your enjoyment. If you are new to the show don’t feel bad if you are going to get part 2 before part 1, I dont see anything wrong with putting my socks on after my shoes. For those who want to go on this voyage the correct way, hop on over to part 1 of episode 1 here: Episode 1 part 1


Episode 1 part 2, listen/download here:

Prototype Life: Episode 1 Part 1

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Prepare yourselves… it is here… Episode 1 of Prototype Life.

We ran a bit long, and we are all about delayed gratification, so the first episode is split up in to two parts. This, my friends, is Part 1.

First, a huge Thank You to Matthew Head of He created our theme song, and edited and mastered these episodes. He is a talented, talented man. He is what I want to be when I grow up.

And here we are, listen/download here:
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While we didn’t get the audio of the “riot” mixed in, here is a video of the incident we’re talking about.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or hit us up at @prototypelife. You can reach Ocell at @ocell and Spoon at @krdzn.

– Ocell



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KRDZN and I really came up with Prototype Life as a vehicle for a podcast. We’re still working on producing the first episode, but expect it in the near future.
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The plan is to talk about what we’re into: great discoveries in design, technology, music, and more. We want to have guests on who are doing amazing things. Keep an eye on the site, grab the RSS feed. In the mean time, watch us for posts about music and other great things we run across.